Roth Conversion

Roth Conversion

Roth conversions may create a beneficial tax-free growth for your investments, but there are a few considerations to work through.  Converting from a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA creates a taxable event and may have a positive or negative affect on your overall financial wellbeing.

What to consider before a Roth Conversion?

  • Where are you getting the money to pay for this taxable event?
  • What will your future tax bracket be when it is time to pay the tax on this conversion?
  • When do you need this Roth IRA money you are converting? 
  • Will this affect any capital gain tax bracket?
  • Will this affect your Health Care premium tax credit?  Medicare part B?  or Social Security taxation?

How we can help

Roth Conversion is a popular subject, but there are several factors that may influence the timing and appropriateness of a conversion. 

King Wealth Management is not a tax advisor and does not render tax advice. Separate tax counsel is required. We will work with your preferred tax advisor as needed.

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