Portfolio Management

KWMG Portfolio Management process involves selecting a group of investments that will meet the long-term investment goals of our client. KWMG favors a fundamental approach to portfolio management with a technical overlay

Portfolio Management:
Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis involves an evaluation of an issuer’s fundamental financial and competitive position including capabilities of management, earnings capacity, new products and services and market sizing. A risk to relying solely on fundamental analysis is that while the overall health and position of a company may be good, market conditions may negatively impact the security.

Portfolio Management: Technical Analysis

Technical analysis involves the examination of past market data rather than specific company information in determining recommendations made to clients. Technical analysis may involve the use of mathematical-based indicators and charts, such as moving averages and price correlations, to identify market patterns and trends which may be based on investor sentiment rather than the fundamentals of the company. A risk to relying solely on technical analysis is that spotting historical trends may not help to predict such trends in the future or that a manager will be able to act upon them.

KWMG Portfolios Are Customized to Each Client

King Wealth Management Investment Team creates risk adjusted model portfolios which are then invested individually for each client. As such, the client owns the securities (Stocks, ETF’s, bonds) in their account, has their own cost basis, can restrict the purchase or sale of stocks, and has control over taxable gains and losses.

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